About Us

Our business is simple.  We build new applications or configure existing ones with an interface that anyone can use, and that anyone can expand on.  We always recommend you be careful in selecting the right database developer, and that you stick to open source.

Open source is our passion.  We deliver cost savings by using the very best open source tools available, you might have heard of a few:

Open source CMS

  1. WordPress
  2. Drupal
  3. Joomla

Open source CRM

  1. Zurmo
  2. SugarCRM
  3. V-tiger

Version control

  1. Git
  2. Mercurial

PABX and VOIP telephony

  1. Asterisk
  2. Elastix
  3. Digum

Corporate tier services at the small business level

So what did you have in mind?

Our Team

Joel Small

Manager, Web Application Consultant

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Joel started his consultancy in 2009 writing Web Applications tailored for the not-for-profit sector. Following success with his initial online application, PremiumBreed, he has expanded his business working with a range of small-to-medium businesses. He is a supporter of open-source principles, structuring his business around providing professional work at a fair price where customers retain flexibility, choice and control for their websites and web-applications.

Graduating from Flinders University (Bachelor of Business, 2008), Joel specialises in project management, project marketing and development of subscription based web-applications. If you are considering development of a database or website project and want a clear understanding of how it fits into your brand, give Joel a call to run over options and their long-term implications.

Phone: 08 8297 7305 Mobile: 0404 817 961 Email: joel.small@biscon.com.au

James Jones

Web Application Developer

James joined the team in early 2012, developing flexible websites for small business. He specialises in providing simple and effective open-source solutions that businesses can manage independently.

James graduated from Adelaide University (Engineering, 2007) and brings the pragmatic and structured approach of two years experience as a consulting engineer. Working out of Port Pirie, he has a solid relationship with local business and a clear understanding of small business needs.

Phone: 08 8633 0204 Mobile: 0402 921 723 Email: james.jones@biscon.com.au

Anna Jeffries

Developer, Database and Training modules

Anna joined Joel Small Consulting in 2010 developing training modules and documentation for the PremiumBreed project. She conducts most of the documentation reviews and database structures for our not-for-profit projects.

Anna Graduated from Flinders University (Bachelor of Education, 2006), and specialises in streamlining data-management processes and preparing easy-reference training content for clients.

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