Villis Group

Luxury accommodation and architectural services

Villis group engaged us as part of an integration project with the online booking application, YesBookIt. Our role was to scope and manage the implementation of a new dedicated server environment, review the API, and integrate the YesBookIt and Villis Group databases.

As part of this process, amalgamated a series of contact details into a single open-source CMS system, Zurmo.

We continue to provide ongoing server maintenance and support services, as well as our technical advisory service.

To view Villis group’s integrated accommodation site, click here

The Australian Wiltipoll Association Inc. (AWA)

A wool-shedding sheep breed developed in Australia


The Australian Wiltipoll Association use our intelligent database service to collate yearly census data and manage their member base.

PremiumBreed validates these complex flock records and pedigree data, providing buyers with instant registration certificates, and providing members with direct access to their information online.
PremiumBreed services include:

  • A contact and member management database
  • Sheep registration history and audit trails
  • Validated pedigree systems based on Association rules
  • Payment receipting
  • Compilation of a yearly flock register
  • An online portal for members to view and update records

View the Australian Wiltipoll Association Inc website.

View the latest Australian Wiltipoll Association Inc Flock Register.

Capri Theatre, Theatre Organ Society of Australia (TOSA)

The largest Theatre Organ hall in the southern hemisphere


A key component of TOSA’s going concerns is the management of a commercial asset, the Capri Theatre. To assist TOSA, Joel Small Consulting has redeveloped TOSA’s contact management and membership management systems to better maintain communication with their clients, members, and the general public.

Implementation of the database was structured around existing systems and volunteers, enhancing rather than uprooting already functioning systems. With the help of Joel Small Consulting, TOSA has made preparations for growth by adding flexibility to it’s working resources, and by keeping track of customer communication and trends.

View the Capri Theatre Website

View the Theatre Organ Society of Australia (SA)’s website


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