Technical advice

Being a collective of experts in technical fields from single desktop environments, to open-source workplaces and applications, we have a wealth of experience to offer. Our Technical Advisory service is designed to give our clients a broad understanding of the technology issues facing their business, and to provide independent advice when implementing changes.

We have experience with a range of technical providers, and can assist in avoiding common pitfalls in selecting the right technology for your business. Can you automate your administration? What point of sale do you need? Can it include inventory management? How do you implement a software phone system? What is the cloud and how can it help you? Is social media right for my business?

We provide both per-call rates and a yearly subscription rate depending on the size of your needs. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Security assessments

Business continuity can be ensured with a few proactive steps, coupled with reviewing your security annually. We can provide you with an on-site assessment of your current security issues, software or security grey areas. Our assessments cover:

  • Password changing practices
  • At-risk applications
  • Out of date software
  • Disaster recovery assessment
  • At-risk contractor or third party accounts
  • User access restrictions

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