Managed data services

When was the last time your database had a health check?

Data-systems are like any other machine, requiring regular maintenance. Neglected for too long, your system will fail when you need it most.

A consistent health check at regular intervals will manage that risk.

Regular Benchmarking

We establish a series of tests that reflect the health and performance of your database.

  • Average query times
  • Peak load, peak capacity analysis
  • Database size and storage efficiency

These three tests identify when the basic usability of your database system is degrading or if your system will no longer be able to perform under pressure.

What do you get as part of a database health check?

  • Your data system monitored monthly
  • System stress and warning levels identified
  • Monthly compact and repair of your data structure
  • Monthly system load report, including peak, average, and simulated
  • Yearly system upgrade recommendations
  • Consultation on additional module implementation

For a higher level of performance, you should see your support systems are prepared to step up. More than just a preventative measure, a health check will identify additional capacity and value that can be realised. Speak to us before planning your project to identify both the hidden costs and benefits to your databases.

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